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While hundreds of online sources are offering ‘free’ websites, only a professional web design company can deliver the platform your business needs to compete successfully in today’s marketplace. Consider this: if success could be achieved simply by launching a website — particularly a free website displaying your competitor’s advertising — there would be far fewer business failures! Our qualifications:


We’ve accumulated extensive web design and project management experience while in the employ of companies ranging from very small to Fortune 50. We understand today’s business processes, and can translate that knowledge into web design and marketing tools that deliver measurable business value.


Garnet Web DesignTo us, web design is more than just a business. The almost limitless possibilities of today’s technology is a constant motivation. We enjoy the challenge of maintaining proficiency in a wide variety of web design platforms, graphic editors, programming languages, database managers and other tools of the trade.


We specialize in web design for the small-medium sized business. We understand the unique needs and limited time and resources of today’s smaller organizations. Ask yourself this: even if you had the skills needed to design and implement a website on your own, would that really be the best use of your time?


We know that our own business will not prosper and grow without delighted clients to attest to our work, our reliability and our business ethics. We cannot afford a single dissatisfied customer. We try very hard to be flexible, and make it as easy as possible for people to do business with us.